Biodynamic Compost

Making Biodynamic compost with Preparations (502 to 507), help the dynamic cycles of the macro- and micro-nutrients,

via biological processes in the soil and in material breakdown. Biodynamic compost is using biodynamic preparations to break down the compost.

The more ingredients that you can collect from your own farm or garden the better.

However bringing in ingredients is accepted but just watch were there come from, in regards to chemical toxins in ingredients.

Step 1 - Assembling the ingredients

The first things you need to do is collect all the ingredients.

You will need mulch, manure, finished compost, lime, blood & bone, some old soil mixed with leaves & tigs (just a way of bringing some natural micro-organisms into the system)

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Building the base

When building the base for your pile you need to build up the centre a tunnel to allow airflow into the middle of the pile to allow aeration throughout the pile.

A pipe is the best option but you might be able to use sticks or something that is not going to crable under the weight of the pile.

Once you have the pipe for aeration. You need to build over the pipe a frame of mulch wedges.

Before you start building your biodynamic compost heap.

Adding layers of material

Starting out with a layer of mulch on the base.

Be shore to add water as you go, making shore that there is no dry pockets.

Then adding a fine layer of manure.

Then adding another layer of mulch.

Then this time add a fine sprinkling of blood & bone.

Then more mulch all the time watering the pile as you go.

Then next layer more manure. Then mulch, then a layer of lime.

Making sure that the lime doesn’t come into direct contact with a strongly nitrogenous layer such as cow manure.

Just keep repeating the layers on to you have the pile to about 1 metre high.

You can add some old weeds to the pile as you go.

Just sprinkle in some old soil every now & then.

Plus adding some completed compost from time to time will help with introducing microorganisms to the compost pile.

All the time remembering to water each layer as you build your pile of biodynamic compost.

This is very important as you do not want dry pockets in the pile.

Making holes for the compost preps

You need to make 6 holes to place the biodynamic preparations into.

Preparations (502 to 507), known collectively as the compost preparations, help the dynamic cycles of the macro- and micro-nutrients, via biological processes in the soil and in material breakdown.

Mixing the valerian

Mix the valerian (BD508) in a reverse vortex for 20 minutes.then sprinkle over the biodynamic compost heap.

Covering the heap with straw

Almost finished.

The last big job is to cover the heap over with a thick layer of straw.

The compost pile should heat up to about 65-70 degrees in the first 3-5 days.

Then after 6 weeks you need to turn the pile, then letting it sit for another 6 weeks until finished.

Check moisture content when you turn the pile adding water if required.

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