Beneficial Insects That You Should Get To Know For Your Home Garden

Do you have a garden at home? Do know what Beneficial insects are and why you should keep them and which insects you should try to get rid of. These are very common questions on our Facebook page of vegetable gardening. If you don't know the answer right, it is not as common knowledge. However, should be familiar with some of the most common insects to not accidentally remove your garden. Here are four to start. A Google image search will give you an idea of what appear to be.

Assassin Bug

A centimeter long and are quite ugly tell you the truth. In fact seem to be almost a half spider, cockroach half and can be easily confused as a harmful insect.

They are anything but! These creatures eat a variety of harmful insects from beetles to earworms white flies. They have some killer bugs in your garden, and any kind of killer of error will work harder for you then and do not adversely affect any of your vegetable plants well.


What is more delicate, soft aspect and beautiful in the world then insects Ladybug? But I knew that the Ladybug is one of its best allies in their fight against such harmful insects like the beetle in potatoes, mites, and soft insects body? Adult ladybugs eat its weight on a daily basis in aphids, which is a good thing since aphids can ruin his entire crop.

To attract ladybugs to your garden some fennel or cilantro. You can even build a House of Mariquita. Perform a search of Google in the "House of Mariquita" and you will get thousands of results for plans to build one yourself.

Praying Mantis

When I was a kid there was a rumor that was bad luck to kill a praying mantis pray. Who knows, maybe is true because as I learned during his life, when it comes away harmful insects, Mantis prayer is quite good.

The only problem with the Mantis prayer is to eat all the errors, with the exception of the Ladybug. By what you eat harmful insects, they also eat yours beneficial.

Wasp Trichogramma

It defines a group of parasitic wasps. The WaSP feeds on nectar, but lay their eggs inside of garden pests so that their young people have a food supply. Sounds like a wild sci-fi film is not true? Fortunately these wasps use insects like earworms, cutworms and other vegetable borers as host, all the insects that could put an end to its cultivation in no time.

Many gardeners home of vegetables, especially newcomers to the hobby, never thinking about mistakes that could really help them. Only assume all bugs are bad and should be killed. These are only 4 of the literally thousands of beneficial insects that are there to help you to have the best domestic garden.

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