Gardening Boots Fashionable or Not..

Gardening boots are work boots above all else fashion is not the main reason you buy them, comfort and protection are the two main reasons behind a purchase.

They need to be waterproof and easy to clean. Leather and suede are out; rubber and vinyl are in.

Be easy to slip on and off – but not so easily that you pull your feet out of them when you walk through mud.

The soles of your boots should be sturdy and thick enough so you can step on the top edge of a shovel.

Is it possible for boots that work so hard to be fashionable? Maybe.

Wellingtons (Gum Boots) – The Mother of All Outdoor Boots

Okay, so Wellington's (gum boots) aren't the height of fashion, but at least they come in some fashion colors now. Worn for decades by royalty on their long country walks, Wellington's now come in red, green, navy blue, and classic black. They are fully lined and have an adjustable strap to adjust the tightness of the boot top.

When you're outside gardening in rainy weather, you'll find that you wouldn’t trade your Wellington boots for the most stylish boot around.

Classic Cloggies

Clogs are great to use in the garden, they are simple you can just step in and out of, like a clog these injection molded shoes have a cushioned insole and can come many different colours.

Don't Forget the Boot Stand

Gardening boots should stay outdoors on a boot stand which will keep them organized. A good boot stand will have shoe trees so you can dry your boots out, upside down, and wire racks for drying other shoes.

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