Gardening Tools that will Make Life Easier

Depending on the size of the garden and the amount of time and effort a person wants to put into it, gardening tools can make life much easier. The selection of available tools can be confusing, especially for the beginning gardener and many have the tendency to go out and buy all of the gardening tools on the market.

You do not need heaps of tools, a spade; hoe, shovel, rake, fork diggers and wheel barrow are all you need to start. You can pick up most from garage sales or at second hand shops quiet cheap just to get you started. Then buy news tools over time.

It has often been said that if a person is going to get into gardening they have to dig it, and with power tillers and plows, a shovel seems like a prehistoric method of turning over the soil.

However, a shovel is one of the gardening tools that will be necessary for anyone planting fruits, vegetable or flowers as most power tools will not get close enough to the edge to be useful. Hopefully, manual labor can be at a minimum, but a shovel will be one tool that is an absolute must.

Rakes and hoes are a couple of other back-driven gardening tools that are needed for smoothing out the stop soil and for making rows and chipping away at spurious patches of weeds. Without them, some of this work will need done by hand and as tiring as using rakes, shovels and hoes can be, being on the knees and doing it by hand is much worse.

Three pong fork diggers are very good at breaking up the soil as you turn it over by hand. Fork diggers are very good once you get the soil working for you as you will not damage any worms that are in the soil like a hoe or spade does by slicing worms in half.

Many Tools Made Just For Profit

Some of the tools found in the stores are designed simply to make money for the manufacturer. Rototillers that also work as an edger may be nice and combine two totally different and unrelated functions, but not many people will use an edger along their garden. This is one of the gardening tools that may be nice to have, but may not be necessary to help the garden grow.

Possibly one of the most useless items on the market is tool bags in which all the gardening tools are carried between the shed and the garden. Not that they are not convenient, but they can get dirty at the end of the day and many are difficult to clean.

Keeping all of the gardening tools in a plastic bucket accomplishes the same thing and they can be cleaned out with a garden hose. Buckets can be used or bought new for about $3 compared to some of the totes that begin at around $20.

Enjoy your gardening experience getting out working with nature and enjoying the great outdoors.

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