Benefits Of Miracle Grow Fertilizer

Miracle grow fertilizer is a wonderful addition to apply to your vegetable garden.all plants love it, it has a good mix of nutrients in the brew and every time you add it to your garden it lifts the plants and gives good healthy growth. A application once a month is all it takes to keep your plants thriving.

How To Apply Miracle Grow

When it comes to application it depends on the form of miracle grow that you purchase.You can buy it in powder form which you then mix up in a water can and apply over your plants. This method works well for a small area or just applying to specific plants.

Or you can purchase the miracle grow feeder which you just attach to your garden hose and spray over the vegetable garden. This method is the easier of the 2.

But as with anything always read the instructions and apply according.


Miracle grow fertilizer does contain nutrients that are in a chemical form. However they do have a form of miracle grow that is organic. Where all the nutrients are in organic form.

As with any organic fertilizer it takes time to release all of the nutrients available to the plants.

Miracle grow fertilizers also have a range of potting mixers and blood and bone products sold at any good supplier of gardening products.

What's In Miracle Grow

Miracle Grow fertilizer contains all minerals and nutrients that your plants need for growth and fruiting. It contains ammonium phosphate, urea, boric acid, potassium chloride, copper sulfate, magnesium EDTA, iron EDTA, urea phosphate, sodium molybdate and zinc sulfate.

Composition of Miracle-Gro All-Purpose Plant Food

The plant food is 15 percent nitrogen from the ammonium nitrogen and urea nitrogen. It also contains 30 percent phosphate. The available boron is only .02 percent, soluble potash is 15 percent and copper is .07 percent. The last four minerals iron, manganese, molybdenum and zinc are .15 percent, .05 percent, .00005 percent and .06 percent in that order.

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