Organic Garden Tips

Wouldn't you love an organic garden?

Your own Veggie Patch to provide the freshest vegetables, more flavorful, nutrients not chemicals for the kid's school Lunchbox, do your part for the environment and save money? What better excuse to spend more time outside mucking around in the garden ...

I think you need a degree of worms and compost? This is not so.

Stay with me and you will eat your own home grown vegetable fresh from your garden! I'll share with you some great organic gardening information and some vegetable gardening hints and tips to make your organic vegetable garden part of your lifestyle.

Start a veggie patch from scratch can seem a bit scary, but that's why I'm here to make it a little easier for you.

what is organic after all? Simply can be gardening without harmful chemicals. The way it was done before chemicals were invented (nearly so old it's new again!).

But is really more than that. You will work with nature, not against it. You'll be water conservation, improve your garden soil organic and taking care of beneficial insects.

Start small if you want, I guarantee you'll get addicted, then get more involved, with doing composting and starting a worm farm, get rid of weeds and don't forget to grow herbs! Organic herb gardening is as easy will add both to your garden. Fresh herbs for your kitchen and companion plants for their veggies.

If you don't have room for fruit trees full size, try a dwarf fruit tree or three. These are great for tropical areas, because it is easier to control the unpleasant insects like fruit fly.

What about raising chickens? We have three chickens and they are a great addition to the garden. Children loving collecting eggs and egg taste much better.

If you have a small organic garden you can still have a veggie patch using gardening container to grow plants in. Use ideas, like Vertical gardening, patio gardening, Indoor Gardening and potatoes growing in a container.

If you're just starting out, go at your own pace. Don t try to do it at the same time. Bookmark this site and come when you re ready to go for your next project organic vegetable garden.

So what are we waiting for? Let's get those seeds (organic of course!), unearth a veggie patch or place in which raised garden bed and let's start planting. Oh before you pick up this shovel, get a cup of tea and keep looking around my site. I'd love to have him stay awhile.

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