Organic Garden Compost

Learn how to make organic garden compost from all your kitchen food scrapes and small garden waste like grass clippings and small pruning.

You are also doing your part for the environment, reducing landfill and is a fabulous product to add to your soil. He adds nutrients and improves the soil of poor quality, aerating it and improve its water retention. You will take your organic vegetable gardening to the next level.

Start a compost pile requires more than just throwing your food scraps in a stack. It is not difficult though and with some tips and techniques you'll get superb free compost for your organic garden.

Firstly, where are all these veggie scraps, lawn clippings and old newspapers to go? You have a few options here and your choice will depend not only the space you have available, but the time that you want to spend and what suits you personally.

What! Don t you want a compost pile?! There are many other options to ensure that you are not adding the embankment growing so please read on

Start Collecting Kitchen Food Scrapes

Have a pail in the kitchen to keep excess food scrapes. Like vegetables peelings, fruit cores, old bread, left overs off plates and other organic waste from around the kitchen.

Have a lid to keep the smell and the bugs out. See if you already have something suitable, or you can purchase a wide range of buckets according to your kitchen look. You can purchase compost pail of brushed stainless steel that will look fine in a modern kitchen and a Tuscan Compost Crock would be great on a country-style kitchen.

And you are on your way to making organic garden compost.

Compost Bin

You can make your own make sure no background and you have a lid.

If you would like to buy one, there are many types of bins in the market. The standard upright bin you is hard to turn the compost. But you can get your garden fork in the top of barrel every now and again to aerate it. Also be more aware of its layers (more details below).

You can buy a glass composite/composting mixer. These make it easier to transform your composed only by turning the handle.

They have their pros and cons like anything. Check out some varieties before making a purchase. It is amazing how many types of positions are there so take your time and choose one that suits you and your garden.

Compost Pile

Organic garden compost can be made by building layers of organic materials in a pile and letting them decompose over time into organic rich compost.

If you are going to make a compost pile is a good size 3 ' x 3 ' x 3 '. This size should generate enough heat to sterilize during decomposition.

How do you make compost? Here you will find details about compost ingredients and how to make your compost pile

Compost Tea

You can also make compost tea that you can use for watering your plants, pots and around trees. Compost tea recipe: Add some composed to a bucket, add an equal amount of water and let rest after that it's a nice Brown muddy mix-add water and water your garden.

Add this to your garden anywhere from 2 to 8 times per year. You will have to determine this for the health of the soil and plants.Just be careful around young plants and seedlings.

This is the simple version. If you like this idea that you can get more technical! Some like to aerate your compost tea by adding a pump. You can even purchase a compost tea Brewer (there is a product for all things isn t there!)

Learn more about Home Made Fertilzers Here

Worm Farm

Worm Farms make really good organic garden compost , you get all the worms to do the work for you eating the scrapes and aerating the compost as they go.

You could put a on your balcony! A Worm Farm has layers of trays with holes in them so the worms can eat your way to the top, leaving him with fertilizer on tap.

There are many worm compost bin providers on the net, ask your hardware store.

Of course you could also make your own worm farm.

You can make them out old bath tubes, polystyrene boxes stacking 1 on top of another.

I have a full page on worm farms Right Here !

Mushroom Compost

Spent mushroom compost can be excavated in your garden beds or added to your compost bin. Once it has been used for growing mushrooms, mushroom growing media is not used again.

However, due to the composting process that goes through to make it suitable to grow mushrooms, may not be organic garden compost. Pesticides and synthetic fertilizers may have been used.

Spent mushroom compost is cheap and if you want to add it in your garden, do your research first. You must make sure that it has been inoculated to kill off weeds before you purchase it. Any good garden nursery will tell about the quality of mushroom compost they sell. Please check this Page for a full Review on Mushroom Compost

Weed Tea

Weed tea or Compost-do use these pesky weeds you don't want to put in your compost if they take or drop their seeds.

Cooking weeds

This is a method of composting super easy. It s good to weeds, bulbs, roots, herbs, etc. that don t you want to put straight into your compost pile.

Put weeds, etc. in a black plastic garbage bag. Leave it to the Sun by a one to two months. Content can be added to the compost pile or digging in his garden.

Don't Have Time! Bury It !

Therefore, if you just don t have the time or the materials to make a organic garden compost via a compost pile but you d like to get rid of your veggie scraps, just dig a hole and bury them. If you can, find a place in your garden where you'd like to put some plants for the next season, which give your scrap time to break down and you will give the soil some improvements for your new plantings for the new season.

Hope you enjoyed some simple tips on making organic garden compost please check out my other pages on compost.

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