How To Build A Vegetable Garden Trellis

Vegetable Garden trellis hold the function of holding up your climbing plants. If you place your vegetable trellis in the right the position of your garden you can use it as a feature piece. A garden trellis is an attractive way to support climbing plants.

Cucumbers, peas, beans, tomatoes, and many varieties of squash can be trained and grown on a garden trellis.

Vegetable garden trellis is a practical way to save space in your garden plus helps with fungal diseases on your fruit because your fruit off the ground.

Materials You Will Need

Before you begin building your garden trellis, consider the plant varieties that will be climbing on it. This will determine how heavily constructed your garden trellis should be.

Vegetable plants can be grown on lighter constructed trellises as well, but heavier constructions will last for several seasons.

For a trellis that lasts a season or two, build a frame from 1 x 2 inch board and cover it with wire mesh.

When longevity is a priority, use treated timber like pine. Treated pine should be used for any part of the trellis that will be under ground.

Any other wood is acceptable for the trellis that is above ground.

You can use garden mesh, latticework, soft fencing wire like chicken wire to train your plants up on.

How To Build The Trellis

Build a four-sided frame with treated pine. To the frame, attach pre-constructed latticework, or garden wire . Attached the lattice to the frame with nails or if using wire rape it around the post and attached back onto itself.

Use galvanized steel corner brackets to firm heavy frames (this is also advisable, though less of a necessity, on lighter constructions). Corner braces keep the frame sturdy and square over several seasons.

Permanently placed garden trellises should have posts on each end to hold the frame. Posts should extend two feet into the ground.

Garden trellises placed next to walls need to allow at least four inches of clearance for ventilation to keep plants healthy and prevent rot on the building.

A vegetable garden trellis will support your plants. They help to give even light throughout the crop plus make harvesting the crop very easy.

Also they cut down the maintenance of a crop as it is easy to weed around them as all the plant is in the air.

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